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Sudan – Travelling on Public Transport

The minute we woke up in out desert tent next to the Pyramids of Meroe our heads were full of questions. How would we get away from here,  in the middle of the desert? Beside we had very little local currency left. Stepping outside of our tent, the morning sun touched the pyramids in the distance and we knew all will be well.

Pyramids of Meroe in the early morning light, view from our tent

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Naqa and Mussawarrat – reminders of the Kushite Kingdom

Naqa and Mussawarrat are the two archaeological sights closest to Khartoum, but they only ones that require your own vehicle, ideally a four-wheel drive. We were so lucky, Dominique an widely travelled English guy we befriended in our hotel in Khartoum just took us along. Early in the morning we headed north towards Atbara, stopping in the outskirts of Khartoum to buy fresh bread, sip tea and watch the city come to life.

Khartoum outskirts, shopping for breakfast

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Travel Advice Sudan

I traveled northern Sudan in December/January 2017 for two weeks with my 18 year-old niece. We used only public transport, except when visiting the archeological sights of Naqa and Mussawarrat. Going there you need a private vehicle, most likely a four-wheel drive which we shared with another traveler. We went as far north as Karima and stayed overnight in Khartoum, Shendi, at the Pyramids of Meroe and Karima. There are detailed blog entries on each of these places. To sum it up – one of my best trips ever.

Kelly and I enjoying the sunset with an incredible backdrop – the Pyramids of Meroe

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