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The twin village Camate-Shakaloke

Path separating Camate& Shakaloke

Path separating the two villages of Camate&Shakaloke

A small path separates the two villages of Camata and Shakaloke. Why they never merged? Two different clans reside there, explained Monsieur Bash, who works for Conetre e Protégé Nature. This local NGO supports villagers with all kinds of projects, like collecting rainwater, a school was built, the value of herbal medicine is kept alive and the occasional tourists in the area is shown these achievements.

A privilege that I had more or less to myself, in the four days around Dassa I did not see a single tourists. Lunch at the center was such a pleasant surprise -freshly pounded yam pile (imagine eating really chewy mashed potatoes) served with a tasty sauce made of peanuts and small pieces of cheese. We were able to watch the whole process of preparing this so famous local dish.


Camate children sitting on tombstone04. Jänner 2016

Children playing on tomb stones in the village of Camate

Most bizarre were the many tomb stones all over the village. Every time my eyes caught children climbing them, I felt like interfering, but eventually decided that living with tomb stones in your backyard is different .....

All day long I learned from Bash, about different plants, local crops, the lack of rain in recent years that forced people taking up other jobs, like smashing rocks into small bits used in road constructions. That explained the occasional heap of gravel with a deserted hammer resting on them.

From Dassa a lovely ride on a zem brings you to these villages.




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